A Guideline of clay mask in daily skin care

Clay mask— People who often protect skin are certainly no strangers to clay mask. It belongs to cream, which is to pass all sorts of clay like charcoal mud, volcano mud, green stone mud, glacier mud, at the same time, clay mask is rich in minerals and micronutrients, which can help the skin retain moisture, calm, soothe and metabolize. People can according to the needs of different skin to choose mud film suitable for the efficacy, such deep cleaning, acne removal, hydration, antioxidant, or whitening, light spots, firming, etc., to bring a tighter, more youthful-looking skin.
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Why people need clay mask?
Everyone’s skin is oily, just more or less, because of sebaceous gland. The daily work of sebaceous glands is to secrete [free sebum], or called “oil production”. But A small amount of sebum has a double protective effect: on the one hand, it can be used to moisturize skin surface and protect skin from becoming fragile due to dryness; on the other hand, it can be mixed with sweat to form sebum film, not only reduce transdermal water loss, but also by creating a weak acidic environment, to prevent the invasion of microorganisms. But when produce excessive oil, excessive oil constantly accumulated in the pore opening, if not removed in time, it is easy to produce oxidation, blackening phenomenon, then the black head is appeared that everyone hates, even worse, if the metabolic status of the facial cuticle is not good, the aging of the horny will be accumulated at the outlet of the pores, together with the oil blocked the pores, easy to cause acne. Then you need to clean and reduce the oil on your face at regular intervals, clay mask is an effective way.
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How to choose?
Firstly, using puree powder without preservatives, essential oils, surfactants, or nutrients.
Next is the most important, according to the strength of oil absorption ability, to choose right product for your skin.
According to the order of oil absorption ability from strong to weak, French green mud > Indian healing mud > stucco > red mud > white mud. The first choice is French green mud, known as the “king of mud” reputation. And the white mud with the weakest oil absorption ability, neuter and sensitive skin, can be at ease with use.
MOND’SUB Coconut white clay mask is rich in coconut extract. It can help to pump moisture and nutrition into the bottom of skin, keep the skin bright, moist and fresh. Leave the skin as smooth as coconut milk.
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Steps to use
Before using clay mask, you should take off your makeup properly, wash the face, clean facial skin, still can exfoliate first when necessary. Clean face can be more helpful for skin to the absorption of facial mask by skin, also avoid bilge, dirt to enter the pores.
Next step, you can choose hot compress, fully open the pores, can be more conducive to the absorption of the mask, using a hot towel to your face for three minutes and then massage it all over your face for three to five minutes to open pores and help absorption. Because of the mud film is dry, and the effect of most clay mask is to clean the face, so before applying clay mask, it is best to keep the face moist or spray toner after starting to apply mud film.
When applying, you can start from your forehead, avoid the eyes and mouth and other sensitive parts, you can focus on oily skin and apply a little thick, the overall thickness of a coin is appropriate.
When finish applying, waiting for 15-20 minutes, the mud is dry that can wash it on your face, after that, the facial skin should be replenished and moisturized in time, using some moisturizing toners, lotion, or facial masks, the skin should be replenished in time to avoid the phenomenon of dry and wrinkled skin after cleaning. Finally, it is generally used once every one or two weeks, and avoid too frequent use.

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