Daily skin care knowledge: Nicotinamide

Nicotinamide is widely used in the cosmetic industry, and it is also a multifunctional active ingredient. It has been confirmed in many professional journals. Of course, many skin care brands contain nicotinamide, but why is it so popular? Let me show you more information.
Nicotinamide, also known as vitamin B3 (VB3), is a biologically active form of niacin found in a wide variety of plants and animals.  It is also an important precursor of the cofactors NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and NADPH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate). Together with reduced NADH and NADPH, they act as coenzymes in more than 40 biochemical reactions, as well as antioxidants. Here are the top six skin care effects of nicotinamide.
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Skin whitening.
Nicotinamide can down-regulate melanosome transport from melanocytes to keratinocytes without inhibiting tyrosinase activity or cell proliferation, thus affecting skin pigmentation. It can also interfere with the cellular signaling pathway between keratinocytes and melanocytes, and reduce melanin production. On the other hand, nicotinamide can act on melanin already produced, reducing its migration to surface cells. When used as a whitening ingredient, nicotinamide has been shown to be effective in the treatment of chloasma and hyperpigmentation caused by ultraviolet light at a concentration of 2% to 5%. A combination of n-acetylglucosamine is said to be more effective. Another point of view is that nicotinamide also has the function of anti-glycosylation, can effectively desalt the protein glycosylation after the yellow.
Nicotinamide has no photosensitivity and antioxidant effect, will not be changed by the nature of ultraviolet radiation, loss of effect, can be used in the daytime. When used in the daytime, sunscreen should be carried out. If sunscreen is not carried out, it is only a process to avoid changing the black, but it can not play the role of whitening to the maximum. The synergistic effect of whitening and sunscreen can achieve the effect of 1+1 > 2.
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Anti- aging.
Studies have shown that niacinamide (5%) can reduce wrinkles, red spots, yellowing and discoloration on aging facial skin. You shouldn’t be surprised that Olay’s anti-aging line contains a lot of nicotinamide. These effects may also be related to the fact that nicotinamide helps stimulate collagen production.

Improve skin barrier function.
Topical nicotinamide can improve the levels of free fatty acids and ceramides in the skin, stimulate the dermis microcirculation, and prevent skin moisture loss.  It also enhances protein synthesis (e.g., keratin), increases intracellular NADPH levels, and speeds up the differentiation of keratin cells.  It also relieves skin irritation caused by surfactants or solvents.

Skin moisturizing.
Improving skin barrier function means nicotinamide is moisturizing, and a small study showed that topical application of 2% nicotinamide was more effective than vaseline in reducing skin water loss and increasing moisture retention. But high concentrations of nicotinamide should not be used. Generally speaking, nicotinamide concentration is generally under 2% and the absorption rate is the best and the most moderate and stable.
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Oil control and acne treatment
Oil control: Nicotinamide is especially popular with oily skin, because it can help control oil, and can be used all seasons, to help the skin adjust oil, for many people who have oil, nicotinamide has a strong ability to control oil.  It can protect skin dry, which is nicotinamide should reduce oil.
Acne treatment: Gels containing 4% nicotinamide have been shown to treat acne vulgaris, so products containing nicotinamide can also be used for acne and acne marks. In addition, nicotinamide products should not be used with VC, AHA, salicylic acid and other products.
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High concentrations of nicotinamide products should not be used. Tolerance should be established before using nicotinamide products. First, try it from behind the ear, and then use it on the face if there is no allergy. Start using nicotinamide products with low concentration.

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