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Good eating habits can help us care for our skin
Many people may have a misunderstanding that food has brought changes to our skin, but the essence is that scientific diet has not brought changes to our skin, but it has only allowed our skin to avoid the damage of high GI food. Foods high in sugar and oil have been proven to accelerate skin aging, dullness, and cause acne. Therefore, to avoid long-term repeated skin problems, our daily diet should be light. Avoid doing things that affect the skin, it is already the best protection for the skin. Modern people tend to ignore many daily problems in skin management, especially in the three points of removing makeup, anti-sugar, and sun protection. This also causes our skin to receive continuous damage, getting worse and worse.
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The following skincare knowledge Xujohn would like to share with everyone:

Cleansing water hurts the skin more than cleansing oil.

Makeup remover is very gentle, but makeup remover cotton is very violent, the makeup remover cannot stay on the face of the liquid, must be rubbed by the makeup remover cotton, to drive the surface-active agent in the makeup remover away from the face. The fiber of the cleansing cotton rubs back and forth, causing serious damage to the delicate skin surface. Because there is no pain in the stratum corneum, we did not feel the damage when removing makeup. When we felt pain, it proved that the stratum corneum was worn away. Moreover, the moisturizing sebum film is also worn off, and the skin’s moisture is lost, and the feeling of dryness and tightness will also follow.
Cleansing oil is the gentlest and most thorough product. It can remove the stubborn molecules in the eyeliner and mascara to the greatest extent, to minimize the damage to the eyes. Cleansing oil is different from the usual edible oils. After rubbing, the cleansing oil will become white and emulsified, and will not stay on the face in the form of oil. After being fully massaged and emulsified with the cosmetics on the face, it can It is directly washed off with water, and you can enter the skincare routine after drying your face. It is as oily as the facial cleanser.
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Anti-sugar is not about anti-all-sugar

As early as the beginning of the 20th century, everyone did not fully understand sugar and lacked awareness of the dangers of sugar. Later, in continuous research, it was discovered that sugar is harmful to people, which made everyone see the existence of sugar gradually. But not all sugars are harmful to humans. The main thing that affects the human body is fructose. When we consume too much sugar, those sugars that have not turned into energy substances, once they encounter protein, a glycation reaction will occur. The glycation reaction will not only make you yellow, but it will also cause the breakdown and disorder of collagen. The appearance is dull yellow and loose skin. And the final product of glycation is AGEs, which is a substance that accelerates aging. It is specifically manifested as cross-linking damage to proteins, especially collagen, which is closely related to skin firmness. Therefore, it will become rigid and lack elasticity. wrinkle. And the damage caused by glycation reaction to cells is irreversible.
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Sunscreen regardless of gender and season

People’s inherent thinking is that sun protection is only needed in summer, and only women need sun protection. But this is wrong. Humans are very fragile creatures. They have neither thick hard skin to protect themselves, nor thick hairs to cushion and cover them. Bare skin is always exposed to UV rays, which increases the risk of skin cancer. When the body senses that you are being irradiated by ultraviolet rays, it will actively secrete melanin to absorb the ultraviolet rays, and people will get tanned. In addition to the darkening of the skin, ultraviolet rays can also cause the decomposition and denaturation of collagen and elastin. Once the collagen is damaged and its elasticity decreases, the skin becomes loose and rough. So we should pay attention to sun protection.
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