How to effectively moisturize

Moisturizing is the most basic function of skin care products, it is like eating, first, it can fill the stomach. Many people think that this is a basic thing, so they don’t pay too much attention to the ingredients and formula. They think that the price should be more common and there should not be such a big gap. From ingredient search, screening, extraction, data tracking to formula combination, texture, fragrance, and even packaging, the investment in each link is huge, so the price of a good product is relatively high.
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Hydrating is not the same as moisturizing
Many people think that hydrating and moisturizing are the same thing. When they feel their skin is dry, they hydrate them vigorously, apply a mask, or pick up a spray at any time. It is a pity that the more you spray, the drier your skin gets. The reason is that moisturizing is not done, and the water to the skin quickly evaporates. Scientific research shows that using facial masks or sprays can quickly increase skin moisture content by about 40-70% in a short time. After applying the mask, everyone will find that the skin becomes translucent and moisturized, but this forcibly replenishing moisture is easy to volatilize into the air, so the skin dries again soon, and after about 3 hours, it almost drops to the initial value.
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An effective way to moisturize is to use a mask with a cream

Lotions and creams contain some oil components, which are not easily absorbed by the skin and are not soluble in water. It can be attached to the skin’s surface to form a barrier, so that the moisture in the skin is not easy to evaporate and lose, and it also helps the skin resist external pollutants. Commonly used representative raw materials are petrolatum, polydimethylsiloxane, various vegetable oils, and glycerides. Therefore, after applying a mask or spray, adding a layer of lotion or cream can effectively maintain the skin’s moisture content and play a long-term role in retaining water. There have been cases where microfluidics technology has been applied to moisturizing products, which has opened up a new world of moisturizing.
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What is microfluidic technology

We know that oil and water are incompatible. In the conventional cosmetics we have seen, oil droplets are dispersed into the water through emulsification. Emulsifiers are used to disperse the oil droplets, and thickeners are also used to suspend the oil droplets. These are the sources of potential irritation of the product. Microfluidics technology (or independent microcapsule technology) is to manipulate fluids in microscopic dimensions. Through a high-speed and controllable microfluidic system of the flow process, individual microcapsules of ideal size are formed one by one, and the effective active ingredients are wrapped in them.

Advantages of microfluidic technology

It is an incomparable moisturizing effect for traditional products. Although there are oil drops, it is very refreshing to use. After absorption, it is not completely absent. After a day, you can feel moisturized on the face, and the moisturizing effect is very long-lasting. With the microfluidic technology, the oil droplets can penetrate the skin more easily after being dispersed into such small microcapsules. The moisturizing effect is not compromised, but it is refreshing and easy to absorb.
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