How to get rid of wrinkles and anti-aging

The formation of wrinkles is mainly due to internal and external causes. On the one hand, with the growth of age, the cell activity is gradually reduced, the metabolic ability is weakened, resulting in the growth rate of new cells is lower than the rate of cell aging, aging cells hydration ability is low and light aging effect is enhanced, resulting in decreased skin shrinkage and moisture retention, aggravating the deterioration of fibrous tissue, dry skin prone to fine lines. But sometimes wrinkles are also caused by acquired environmental factors, like you eating and life habits. So how to reduce wrinkles?
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Using Anti-wrinkle/aging skincare products
One of reasons caused skin wrinkles is lack of collagen and moisture, using skin care products with anti-aging properties would be more effective. Such as anti-aging eye cream, collagen mask, natural plant cream, repairing essence, etc., these skin care products containing collagen, astaxanthin, vitamin E, herbal essences, anti-aging ingredients such as retinol, ceramide, antioxidant, protect skin from free radicals, prevent collagen was oxidized, repair damaged skin, enhance skin elasticity, moisture dry skin, keep the skin smooth, moist and elastic, and delay the aging, reduce the effect of facial wrinkles.
Another cause of wrinkle is the skin affected by the external environment.
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Reduce the intake of sugar
First of all, the main cause of wrinkles is called “glycosylation”, which is mean that when you eat lots of sugr-dense for a long time, such as white rice, noodles, sugared beverages or cream cake, the body will have a long-term surplus of glucose. Excess sugar is usually stored in cells as fat, collagen and elastin are the proteins that are most damaged by this process, besides, there’s the part of the sugar that binds to the protein and becomes “saccharification”, it is one of the main causes of skin aging.
At the same time, eating more nucleic acid foods. In recent years, many researches indicated that complement nucleic acid kind food can defer senility already, prevent the generation of skin wrinkle. There are many foods rich in nucleic acid, mainly fish, shrimp and shrimp skin, animal liver, yeast, black fungus, mushrooms, flowers and pollen, ginseng, honey etc.
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Reduce sun exposure
Ultraviolet light is one of the culprits that makes skin easy to senile, therefore, please try not to go out when the light is strong, if it’s inevitable, try to do some physical sunscreen like using an umbrella or wear sun-protective clothing, chemical sunscreen like applying sunscreen cream, eating sunscreen food and other ways to sunscreen effectively and reduce the damage to the skin by ultraviolet rays and accelerated aging, make the skin more vibrant and elastic, so as to reduce facial skin wrinkles.
By the way, when eating much sugar food, it will produce AgEs, making skin more vulnerable to sun damage by inhibiting antioxidant enzymes in the body. It is necessary to reduce intake of sugar and avoid too strong ultraviolet light.
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Less to stay up late and make sure enough sleep
Nowadays, staying up late is a common situation, especially for teenager and adults, but this is a really bad phenomenon, because staying up late isn’t just bad for our health, our liver, it also speeds up skin aging. Staying up late can make your skin dry and loose, making it easier for wrinkles to form on your face, so if want anti-wrinkle/aging, we should avoid staying up late as far as possible to ensure adequate sleep time and good sleep quality, so that the skin can repair itself at night, reduce skin flabby, wrinkles and other problems.
Going to bed early isn’t just good for our skin, it’s also good for our health.How to get rid of wrinkles and anti aging 07

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