How to improve acne skin

What is acne? Where did it come from?
Acne is an annoying skin problem for many people, especially entering adolescence is the most prone to acne, no matter in appearance or skin health, acne is a bad thing for us, what is acne?
It is closely related to sebum secretion, sebum blockage, bacterial infection and inflammation.  After puberty, androgens, especially testosterone, increase rapidly, promoting the development of sebaceous glands and producing a large amount of sebum.
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At the same time, the hair follicle sebaceous glands catheter caused abnormal keratinization catheter jam, sebum can’t be excreted smoothly, keratin plug to form small acne, acne, the accumulation of oil and the waste cells in hair follicles of the skin, causing a large number of acne bacteria on the skin, and then cause inflammation, the breakup of hair follicles, dermal inflammatory, form red, highlight the annoying pimples.
Various microbes, particularly PANCNE acnes, thrive in the hair follicles.  Lipase produced by PANCNE breaks down sebum to produce free fatty acids and chemotaxis of inflammatory cells and mediators, ultimately inducing and aggravating inflammatory responses.

What are the causes of acne?
1, Mood, pressure and staying up late.
Stress hormones are released when you feel bored, nervous, unhappy, or have an irregular sleep schedule or stay up late.  The skin’s circulation mechanism can also be disrupted, leading to a decline in immunity.  The skin becomes less resistant to bacteria, causing inflammation and other symptoms that can lead to breakouts.

2. Endocrine disorder.
Mainly androgen secretion level increase, promote sebum secretion active, increase. Many girls in the premenstrual or menstrual period, the face will appear some small pox, after menstruation disappeared. This is typical because of endocrine disorders and acne.

3, Daily dietary habits.
Summer in accordance with the “sugar less oil” standard to arrange three meals a day, drink less coke, juice, espresso, but also eat less chocolate, candy, cream cake, fried food, green Onions, raw garlic, pepper should also eat less. This will cut down on sugar, oil, and stimulating foods, to reduce the incidence of acne.
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4, Clogged pores.
There are two causes of clogged pores, one is wearing mask, in the current period, wearing mask is the necessary thing for us, but wearing masks for a long time will cause skin acne, because bacteria like this warm and humid environment very much, and the skin cannot breathe smoothly because the mask is suffocated, resulting in increased oil secretion on the face, not cleaned in time, will block pores, causing a series of skin problems.
The second one is because many girls like to make up, neglect to remove makeup or do not remove completely, while boys lazy or other reasons to ignore skin cleansing and skin care, so that oil blockage pores, sebum cannot be discharged.  After a long period of time, acne came out.

What ingredients of skin care products can anti-acne?
1, Salicylic acid, with fat solubility, salicylic acid can precipitate oil and dirt remaining in pores, dissolve aged horniness at the same time, make skin delicate and white.  Oleifera tea extract can improve cell activity, remove free radicals, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal.  However, high concentrations of salicylic acid should not be used.
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2, Witch hazel extract, it can be used to treat acne as it contains an ingredient called tannin in all its components.  This is a very useful ingredient in reducing the amount of oil produced on our skin and preventing bacterial growth that can clog our pores.

3, Ceramide, it’s moisturizing properties: Ceramide is the main ingredient in the cuticle layer of the skin and helps repair the skin barrier, leaving skin soft and shiny.  The moisturizing ability is 16 times of hyaluronic acid, especially for the old dry skin moisturizing efficiency up to 80%.  It is easily absorbed by the skin and promotes the penetration of other nutrients.  As we age, ceramides are lost and depleted, and skin can become dull and dry without ceramides.
Ceramide barrier effect: sufficient ceramide in the skin can resist external stimulation, but the lack of skin, the skin will lose its natural protection function, external stimulation can directly hurt the skin.

4, Squalene, which is one of the most important components of human sebum. The amount of squalene in sebum is about 1% for infants and 2% for adults.  Squalene can along with other ingredients, forms the skin’s sebum membrane, which locks in moisture and prevents it from evaporating.  Squalene is highly soluble with the sebum secreted by the skin, forming a breathable protective layer on the skin’s surface, which plays a moisturizing effect.
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