How to take care of hands

Most girls may spend time to take care of their hands in daily life, because as far as everyone is concerned, the stand or fall of hand skin is a kind of reflection that the woman lives condition actually, nobody want to show a pair of coarsening and wrinkled hands in front of friends.
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Why do your hands appear dead skin?
Firstly, the hand skin is too dry.
When hands become dry and are not hydrated, the top layer of the skin can become dehydrated and necrotic, gradually peeling off and forming what we see as dead skin. Especially in autumn and winter, because the weather is drier than usual, the situation would be more severe.

Secondly, vitamin deficiency.
Generally speaking, when the body is severely deficient in B and C vitamins, it may cause the skin to appear dry and peeling phenomenon. When this happens to the body, not only the hands, but also the ankles and soles of the feet, tend to have appeared more dead skin.
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How to exfoliate skin?
1, Soak hands frequently in daily life.
Soaking your hands and feet in warm water not only softens dead skin quickly and speeds shedding, but also improves blood circulation to your hands and feet and increases the regeneration of the skin’s surface cells, preventing the regrowth of dead skin while exfoliating. Some girls with very serious dead skin on their hands can also use rice washing water or milk to soak their hands, which can add more nutrition to their hands and quickly restore smooth and delicate hands. Stick to soaking your hands once in the morning and evening for 15 minutes each time for a week.
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2, Remove the surface layer of dead skin in time.
If the dead skin is not removed promptly, it will not only continue to absorb moisture from the hands, but also cause hand injuries from tearing. Using kosher salt and grind arenaceous cream commonly two kinds of ways, the effect is very fast, everybody can choose according to your skin type. However, it should be noted that if you are sensitive skin, it is not suitable to use skin scrubs, the alkaline chemical composition may irritate the skin of both hands.

3, Insist on doing hands mask.
Hands mask can quickly add enough water and nutrition to the skin, whether it is lack of water or lack of vitamin caused by hand peeling, it can be effectively solved by this method. Girls usually can insist on doing a weekly hand membrane, the phenomenon of hand peeling significantly improved, but in autumn and winter, the number of using mask should be increased to two or more per weekly.
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4, Use hand products with high grease content.
Generally speaking, hand creams with higher oil content have higher moisture content, which can help the hand skin effectively lock in moisture and reduce the probability of dead skin. Our common lanolin, pig butter, or glycerine hand cream are such products, usually those girls whose hands and feet have dead skin can use these hand cream to wipe their hands and feet, the effect will be better.

What‘s the different between cream and mask?
Cream: Hand cream is a skin care product that can heal and smooth the cracks and dryness of skin, and can effectively prevent and treat rough and dry hands in autumn and winter. Frequently used in autumn and winter can make hand skin more tender and moisturizing. Avoid products with fragrances, colors, and irritants, such as lavender oil, which can irritate the skin, especially if you have cuts that won’t heal. For barbs, peeling and cracked hands, it is recommended to choose products containing antioxidants, cellular communication factors and soothing agents, as well as to avoid irritating ingredients such as flavors and pigments. Hand cream can keep the skin more moisturizing, and it is better for severely dry skin, but the disadvantage is that it is oily, which will affect daily office work, housework and so on. Generally speaking, hand cream can also be used for foot care without having to separate it.
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Mask: Ordinary the inside of the foot and hand membranes is roughly same, nutrients they contain hydrating ingredients, these ingredients may have some fat, but for the skin absorption is not affected, hands and feet inside the membrane will also add some chamfers simple materials, which can make the dead skin aging is cleared slowly, you can see that the skin is much more tender. If you want your hands to be more elastic, moisturized and wrinkle resistant, use collagen mask the collagen content of the hand mask can moisture, anti-wrinkle your hand, make you skin beauty and soften. The biggest advantage of the hand and feet mask is that they can be used while working, and the inside essential oil will be better absorbed, so that the hand will not be too greasy. Hands and feet masks need to be separated because they are customized to the shape of the hands or feet.
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