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Most men think that men’s skin care is not important and that men’s skin is not necessary for maintenance. Men’s skin care is a need for skin health and a need for a man’s image, especially at work. With the passage of time and age, men due to various reasons, such as work pressure, the destruction of tobacco and alcohol, etc., many people look much older than their actual age. Due to the different skin characteristics of men and women, most skin care products on the market are aimed at women’s skin, which causes serious problems in men’s skin care. The increases the difficulty of skin care for men. Many people give up skin care because they are too troublesome or can’t choose suitable products.
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Men and women’s skin is significantly different in terms of anatomy and physiological functions, so their skin care methods are also different. Men’s skin is thicker, and women’s skin is softer. Thick skin is firm, so female skin is more susceptible to damage than male skin. Men’s sebaceous glands are numerous and well-developed, with a thicker stratum corneum. Therefore, men’s skin ages more slowly than women’s, and it has better elasticity than women’s. And once men reach the age of wrinkles, they are usually more violent than women’s wrinkles. Therefore, it is not as effective as women who can use cosmetics to maintain astringency.
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Men’s skin types are relatively single, not as complicated as women’s skin. Most men have thicker skin, and only a few have sensitive skin and spotted skin. In daily care, you should choose the product that suits your skin type. Choosing the right product means that skin care is half the battle. Men’s skin secretes a lot of oil, and oily skin is easy to contaminate, especially the accumulation of fat-soluble organic substances and many kinds of microorganisms, which can include inflammation and infection. When choosing men’s skin care products, oil control has become an important consideration for us. In terms of cleansing power, we can’t choose products with too strong cleansing power, because this will over-clean and damage the skin’s protective layer and expose the skin to the environment. Due to the large pores, many bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. can grow straight through the large pores and cause many infections.
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In men’s skin care, it is mainly body cleansing, facial cleansing, and moisturizing.

Body cleansing

Body cleaning includes head cleaning, therefore, choosing shower gel and shampoo has become an indispensable part of our daily life. Male sebaceous glands and sweat glands secrete more vigorously, the skin will produce more sweat and oil. The improper choice will backfire, causing clogged pores and an imbalance of oil and water, resulting in acne. For body cleansing, it is recommended to choose products with strong cleaning abilities.

Facial cleansing

Many boys are not particularly concerned about washing their face, and even use alkaline soap to cleanse their face. Because of the presence of the facial sebum film, the pH of the skin is weakly acidic, so it is not recommended to wash your face with alkaline soap products. Choose mild cleansing products, clean regularly every day, and gently clean the face and skin. Let the old dead skin cells accumulated every day come off gently, leaving the complexion radiant after cleansing.


Men should also do a good job of moisturizing skin care. After cleansing your skin, you must take care of your skin. This not only can effectively moisturize the skin, but also give the skin the nutrients it needs. Long-term persistence can effectively prevent the skin from being rough and dry.
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