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Baby Day Cream

Product Name: Baby Extra Moisturizing Day Cream
Specification: 50g/box
Shelf life: 3 years

With strict selection of raw materials and testing of finished products, it can gentle care baby’s tender skin, effectively reduce the adsorption and deposition of dust and hazardous substances in the air, and prevent the infiltration of the skin pore, prevent frostbite, dry, cracked, in-depth the baby skin maintain moisture, keep skin moist but not dry, tender and delicate.

Shea butter

Helps strengthen cell membranes, forming an emulsion barrier that absorbs uv rays from a wide range of sources.

Macadamia seed oil

Contains the nutrients needed to form the skin oil protective layer, gentle and does not irritate the skin, moistens and protects the sebum film.

Avocado oil

Helps strengthen and tone skin

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