Edelweiss Elastic Repairing Mud Mask

Name: Edelweiss Elastic Repairing Mud Mask
Skin Type: All skin types
Shelf life:3 years
Net: 10g

With rich velvety mud texture, it is easy to apply, even and breathable, can penetrate into the deep skin, release the moisturizing and repairing factors, ,helps the skin to relieve stress and tension, awakens skin’s own elasticity, and makes the skin elastic, moist and silky shining.

Manicouagan clay :

Manicouagan clay is located in northern Canada. It is one of the largest known craters on the earth. It is a circular lake formed by weathering of the crater. Millions of years of glacial veins make the glacial mud soft like flowing water and effectively shrink Pore, remove pore dirt and other effects. Manicouagan clay contains a variety of natural organic nutrients, rich in minerals, such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iodine, etc., which can replenish various trace elements and minerals needed by the skin, and bring deeper mineral nourishment to the skin. Skin tolerance and resistance, penetrate the bottom layer of the skin faster, nourish and soothe the skin.

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