Gold Foil Butterfly Eye Mask

Product Name: Gold Foil Butterfly Eye Mask
Specification: 10ml/piece
Shelf Life: 3 years

Intensively inject nutrients into the skin around the eyes, which can effectively promote the regeneration of the underlying collagen and natural elastic fibers of the delicate skin around the eyes, and effectively reduce fine lines, expression lines and age lines. At the same time, it tightens and enhances the skin around the eyes, removes dullness, and restores fresh vitality and luster to the skin around the eyes.

Help plump and firm the skin

Sodium hyaluronate
Forms a protective film on the surface of the skin, which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients by the skin

Coffea arabica seed extract
Slow down aging, help skin stay hydrated, condition and firm skin

Carbohydrate isomers
Rich moisturizing nutrients keep the eye area moist and not dry

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