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Microneedling Face Cream

Product Name:New Skin Acupuncture Cream
Shelf life: three years

There is a slight tingling sensation when touching the skin, which can obviously feel the effect of seaweed silicon needle ingredients on the skin. It can improve dry lines and fine lines from the source, repair connective tissues, resist glycosylation, provide sufficient elastic net to strengthen collagen, help skin rebound and fill, improve skin relaxation, tighten the contour and keep skin moist and firm at all times.

Collagen rebound
It can recombine the broken collagen elastic net, strengthen human collagen, and help the skin rebound filling

Smooth fine lines
Improve the dry grain fine lines from the source, repair the connective tissue, against glycosylation

Straight to moist
Improve the relaxation, tight outline, always keep the skin moist and tight

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