Mousse Airy Cleansing Mask

Product Name: Mousse Airy Cleansing Mask
Specification: 50g
Shelf Life: 3 years

Green tight-knit mousse texture, meticulous joint pore and fine lines, adsorption and blocked grease and dirt in pore, improve pore jams, help eliminate facial toxins, purify and reforming the skin texture, and can regulate the skin, accelerate the repair of the skin, improve the phenomenon of glossy skin, strengthen cuticle metabolism, return to dry the best state of hydrating without drying. Frequently use of it leaves the skin fine and smooth.

High Adsorption Capacity
Kaolin is rich in a variety of minerals, easy to penetrate into the skin surface, deep cleaning hair follicles, remove dirt and excess oil in pores, gentle essence of the skin.

Strong Ability to Clean
Discharge dirt to keep clean and improve skin permeability

High Hydration
Plant extracts and hyaluronic acid sodium moisturizing ingredients provide deep moisturizing, lock the inner layer of the skin does not lose moisture, promote skin detoxification, maintain the balance of water and oil, instantly water tender improvement.

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