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Mousse Airy Fresh Mask

Product Name: Mousse Airy Fresh Mask
Specification: 50g
Shelf Life: 3 years

Red cream mousse texture, light but not heavy, feel soft and comfortable, after each apply skin silky smooth to the touch, super clean, soft close skin, make skin enjoy SPA, deep clean pores excess oil and residue at the same time, can reduce the burden of skin, further disintegration of pigmentation of skin, fade skin color, improve water embellish burnish feeling, Revitalize the skin, brighten and refresh the skin, relieve the discomfort caused by dry skin, and leave the skin bright, moist and delicate as new.

High Adsorption Capacity
Kaolin is rich in a variety of minerals, easy to penetrate into the skin surface, deep cleaning hair follicles, remove dirt and excess oil in pores, gentle essence of the skin

Soothes Fragile Skin
Chamomile chrysanthemum can nourish skin, relieve dryness and roughness, and make skin soft and smooth

Brighten Skin Tone
Remove turbidity and clean, mprove skin permeability and keep away from dull and yellow skin

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