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Niacinamide Lifting Essence

Product Name: Niacinamide Lifting Essence
Specification: 2ml*30pcs
Shelf Life: 3 years

Containing niacinamide essence nutrients, it can penetrate into the bottom of the skin, open the absorption channel, accelerate the absorption of subsequent maintenance, repair dull skin, lock skin moisture, improve the skin’s radiance and translucency while rejuvenating the skin, leaving the skin radiant and translucent, full of smoothness and suppleness!

Niacinamide Essence

Exquisite purification process
Carefully purified to reduce impurities and improve the effective purity of niacinamide

Golden concentration
Can be tolerated and fully absorbed by the skin, to brighten the skin tone effectively

Hit the dullness yellowness
Penetrates deep into the skin to prevent moisture loss

Rapid absorption
Intensive repair to make skin smooth and firm

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