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Nourishing Peptide Cleansing Smoothie

Product Name: Nourishing Peptide Cleansing Smoothie


Specification: 7g*12pcs

Shelf Life: 3 years

With rich and delicate milky foam, it can gently remove dirt on the face, leaving a natural protective film on the skin surface, strengthening the skin’s defense ability, preventing moisture from evaporating, and giving the skin a delicate touch. The meticulous formula contains ingredients of moisturizing and polypeptide, makes the skin be refreshed and not tight after washing, let the skin achieve a perfect balance of water and oil, firm and smooth.

Smoothie Granules

Physical massage removes greasy, refreshing and purifying skin

Amino acid moisturizing

Gently replenishes skin’s lacking moisture while deeply cleansing

Double hydrolyzed protein

Smaller molecular weight, faster absorption, effectively stretches fine lines and makes skin firm and elastic

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