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Orange Crystal Eye Mask

Product Name: Orange Crystal Eye Mask
Specification: 8g*10pcs
Shelf Life: 3 years

Contains vitamin C and niacinamide, which can effectively inhibit the production of pigments, make the skin more translucent and lustrous, and can help the skin to be moisturized for a long time, making the skin around the eyes brighter and more radiant.

Niacinamide brightens your eyes
Niacinamide is a recognized skin brightening ingredient that can effectively lighten pigment, improve dull skin, efficiently brighten and even skin tone.

Intensive rejuvenation
Skin care ingredients approved by skin beauty, can effectively dilute dull yellowing, leave skin translucent, exude white and tender radiance

Fade yellowness layer by layer
Even, brighten and reduce pigmentation, rejuvenating youthful skin

Continuous glow
Reduce pigmentation, consolidate skin flawlessness and translucency, not afraid of the sunlight

Smooth skin
Improve roughness, maintain keratin moisture, smooth skin

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