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Propolis Pudding Mask

Product:Black propolis repairing and rejuvenating pudding mask
Capacity: 50g
Shelf life: 3 years

Natural repairing formula, add propolis extract, rich in anti-aging factors and trace elements, quickly soothe the skin, reduce skin discomfort or sensitivity caused by external environmental factors, and add sodium hyaluronate and moisturizing factors to reduce Skin sensitivity, restore the moisturizing balance system of dehydrated skin, maintain skin health and balance. Ceramide repairs damaged skin, relieves sensitive symptoms, enhances skin vitality and elasticity, provides sufficient nourishment, and leaves skin with a smooth and comfortable touch , and a natural fresh and transparent gloss.

Propolis Extract
Locking in moisture, nourishing the skin, and supporting sensitive and fragile skin.

Sodium hyaluronate
A natural moisturizing factor, with a highly hydrophilic molecular structure, it locks thousands of times more water molecules into the skin like a sponge.

Repairs the sebum film and strengthens the skin barrier.

Sunflower seed oil
Easily absorbed by the skin, rich in amino acids can quickly replenish energy for the skin and awaken the skin’s ability to renew

Vitamin E
It has an antioxidant effect, which promote the absorption of other nutrients, and has moisturizing effect on the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the skin, so that the skin can obtain sufficient nutrition and moisture to maintain the tenderness and luster of the skin.

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