Slimming Leg Cream

Product Name: Tightening and Slimming Leg Cream
Specification: 50g
Shelf life: three years

A breakthrough fat-burning formula, which will have a persistent burning sensation after application, can bring the effect of continuous exercise to the body, keep burning fat all day long to cultivate the self-body, effectively repel stubborn fat in the body, prevent fat accumulation, promote blood circulation, enhance the metabolism, and strengthen the burning and decomposition of fat. It can not only thin legs, but also solve problems such as uneven skin surface, chicken skin and orange peel tissue, make beautiful legs slender and tender.

Avocado tree fruit fat
Promote metabolism and restore skin elasticity

Hydrolysis of collagen
Collagen supplementation restores the skin to elasticity and keeps the skin firm

Totophenolic acetate
Improve lipid metabolism, relieve the bulge of orange peel tissue and varicose veins, and effectively relieve oedema

Accelerate the circulation, and reduce the oedema

Sodium Hyaluronate
Rapid hydration can repair skin damage, promote circulation, and support filling to delay skin aging

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