Truffle Pudding Mask

Product:Anti-aging Truffle pudding face mask
Capacity: 50g
Shelf life: 3 years

White pudding texture, convenient to apply, fresh and easy to rinse, adding truffle extract with multiple plant extracts, it helps repair skin, increases the activity of the collagen, enhance oxidation resistance, makes skin brightening, delicate and instantly smooth.

Essential white truffle extracts
The active molecules of the white truffle are condensed through a special enzyme, following the principles of green extraction, after rigorous scientific research. This mask contains a variety of nutrients that help to smooth expression lines while helping to firm, tighten and enhance the skin’s elasticity, revealing a way of anti-ageing repair from the root.

White meadowfoam seed oil
Contains special fatty acids to repair and soften the skin

Hedychium Spicatum Root Extract
Nourishing and brightening, boosts skin radiance

Myrrh Extract
Helps to smooth the skin

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