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Vitamin C Sleeping Mask

Product: Vitamin C Sleeping Mask
Specification: 7g * 12 pieces
Shelf Life: 3 years

With light orange gel-like texture, it contains active ingredients such as vitamin c and various peptides, can sufficiently replenish nutrients, and can be quickly absorbed by the skin, so as to instantly penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, discharge pigments that remain in the deep layers of the skin, improve uneven skin tone, supply the required nutrients all night, give the skin the most careful care, and increase the smoothness and moisturizing of the skin, make the skin glow with natural charming radiance.

VC is a water-soluble antioxidant, which has the effect of blocking the production of pigment and reducing the generated pigment, neutralizing free radicals, and promoting the production of collagen, which can evenly brighten the skin tone and reduce wrinkles.
1. Promote the production of collagen.
In the process of collagen synthesis, the reducibility of VC can activate the enzymes required for the synthesis of collagen.
2. VC can block the production of pigment
VC has reducing properties, which can block the production of tyrosinase, affect the production of pigment in the process of dopa forming pigment, and play a role in the process of pigment aggregation and skin coloring.

Sodium hyaluronate
To replenish skin moisture, nourish and soften skin, moisturize and lubricate skin, make skin plump and supple.

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