Vitamin E Facial Toner

Product name: Skin Shinning Facial Toner
Packing: 480ml
Formulation: EU regulation compliance
Certification: MSDS,ISO22716,GMPC
Service: OEM/ODM/Low MOQ for Private Label

Rich in active skin ingredients, skin-friendly small molecules of water, fast and dense supply of water, can be from the surface to the inside, penetrate the deep skin, multi-dimensional improve skin health, deeply repair, improve the skin due to water shortage caused by the illusion of dry lines, wake up the clear and bright of the deep-seated muscle bottom, activate the vitality of the skin, make the skin moist and firm.

A derivative of vitamin E, antioxidant, can protect cell membrane from free radical damage, repair and consolidate the natural protective barrier of skin, promote the repair mechanism, play the role of barrier protection.

can form a layer of water-retaining film on the skin surface, strong water-locking characteristics, can lock tightly 500 times water molecules, add moisturizing factor, make the skin soft, bright and elastic.

Delay the loss and consumption of Collagen and Elastin, prevent skin sagging, stimulate the growth of cells in the basal layer, make skin healthy and elastic.

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