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Vitamin E Sleeping Mask

Product Name: Vitamin E Sleeping Mask
Specification: 7g * 12 pieces
Shelf Life: 3 years

With blue gel texture, contain vitamin E, vitamin C and high moisturizing sodium hyaluronate, it can slowly moisturize and nourish the skin, improve the skin’s elastic and moist state, tighten and revitalize your skin to effectively improve its repair power, weaken fine lines, improve the skin microcirculation system, bring refreshing and comfortable water care to the skin, and create moist and vibrant skin, in addition, it can also be considerate of the skin’s emotions, relax and relieve the skin pressure, make the dream sweeter, and add vitality to the skin in the morning of the next day.

Multi- repair and protection
VE skin rejuvenation energy
It has strong ability of connective water molecules, to maintain skin moisture by forming a network structure in the stratum corneum and exist naturally in the skin. With strong barrier repairing and moisturizing ability, It can repair the damaged skin barrier and promote the absorption effect of other nutrients by damaged skin.
1. Moisturize cutin, soften and smooth skin
2. Form and strengthen skin protective barrier
3. Form a mask on the skin surface to lock in moisture
4. Reduce fine lines of water shortage and maintain skin elasticity
5. Avoid water evaporation and maintain moisture content

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