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Yuling Zhenchong Anti-wrinkle Suit

Product Name: Yuling Zhenchong Anti-wrinkle Suit
Cleansing facial cleanser 120ml

Pure condensate of fresh lotion 100ml

Anti-wrinkle anti-aging cream 50ml

Moisturizing essence 35ml

Sensible moisturizing cream 55ml

Firming and activating elastic eye cream 35ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

Adhering to the pursuit of “Excellence, comfort and pleasure”, the essence of anti-wrinkle for aging can generate vitality with multi-faceted treatment, fingertips touch for the amazing anti-aging delicate and smooth skin, let’s build the firm and fresh, anti-wrinkle and sculpting to freeze anti-aging youth.

TUBER MELANOSPORUM extract, acetyl hexapeptide -8, fullerene, bifida ferment filtrate, squalane.

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