Retinol: The anti- wrinkle ingredients you have to know

Retinol vitamin A is one of the animal forms of vitamin A. It is A diterpene and alcohol structure that can be converted to other forms of vitamin A and Retinol derivatives that act as the storage form of vitamins in animals. Including retinaldehyde, retinic acid and retinyl, they are all retinol compounds with vitamin A activity.
Wrinkles on the face are mainly caused by disruption of the dynamic balance of the extracellular matrix in the skin.  One of the main changes is that with age or external stimuli, certain proteases are overproduced, which causes collagen, which supports the dermis, to break down and become inactivated and rigid.
After transforming retinol into retinoic acid in the body, retinol can bind with specialized “nuclear protein receptor”, then affecting specific gene expression, achieving the role of inhibiting protease generation and promoting the activity of skin cells.  This series of complex results can increase the thickness of the epidermis and help repair the extracellular matrix in the dermis, to achieve the effect of anti-wrinkle.
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How do wrinkles come about?
Why the skin can be senile, and why wrinkle can produce, it is the result of a variety of factors synthesis effect actually.
1, Wrinkles occur when the dynamic balance of the extracellular matrix in the skin is disrupted.
With age or stimulation, certain proteases accumulate, which hydrolyze proteins and convert them into shorter polypeptide chains or small amino acid molecules.  The protease also acts on collagen and elastin, which are also proteins, causing excessive loss of the collagen that supports the dermis and inactivating and stiffening the elastin that is supposed to provide elasticity.
2, Sunscreen is an important thing to anti- aging and wrinkle.
It is worth noting that in these external causes, there are more than 80 percent are caused by ultraviolet radiation.  Using more rigorous experiments, scientists found that even a few minute exposure to sunlight in the middle of the day can stimulate the production of these proteases, and that the activity of these proteases lasts in the body for more than 48 hours, therefore.

Is retinol useful to eye ministry fight wrinkle?
Because of the relatively reactive chemical properties, retinol can act as an antioxidant, reacting with free radicals in the body and, to some extent, preventing skin aging.
However, retinol’s main anti-wrinkle pathway is converted into retinoic acid by a series of enzymes in the body.  Retinoic acid in the cell can be combined with the corresponding “nucleoprotein receptor”, these nucleoprotein receptors after binding retinoic acid, can also directly or indirectly act on DNA, affect the expression of specific genes, and then achieve the role of regulating cell differentiation, proliferation and apoptosis.
Since retinol and its derivatives can be absorbed through the epidermis and converted into retinoic acid in the body, which they all play an anti-wrinkle role to some extent. However, due to differences in conversion and absorption efficiency, the effective threshold at which they can produce utility is quite different. In general, sort by effect of use is retinoic acid > retinaldehyde > retinol > retinol.
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Tips for using retinol products.
When using retinol or related products containing its derivatives, be sure to pay attention to sun protection.  Because excess retinols remain in the skin for a longer time, they trigger a series of light reactions when they receive ULTRAVIOLET rays, including UVB and UVA.
These light reactions not only break down and inactivate retinols, but also often produce free radicals and other harmful substances that can damage skin — one reason why some people become sunshy the next day after using certain products.  So many brands recommend using retinol at night and taking care of the sun the next day.  But it’s not necessary to turn off the lights as indoor lights don’t contain the uv rays that trigger retinol.

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