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Most of men must know one thing, that is shaving, but many of them always focus on shaving, like most people would choose to use an electric razor and just shave it off while ignore skin care when shaving. Is skin care after shaving important? Of course! Men’s beard area of the skin is drier easily than other parts of the facial skin, daily shaving work like beard to us as same as doing a small operation on the skin, No matter how skillful your shaving technique, or how carefully when you are do shaving, there are inevitably irritates the skin, it is particularly important to take special care of the skin of beard parts.
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Why do men need to shave?
Medical experts suggests that beards should be shaved when they grow, because long beards are bad for your health because of their ability to absorb harmful substances.
1, When people breathe, they can discharge a variety of harmful chemical gases, and those chemical gases will stay on the beard.
2, The atmosphere contains a variety of heavy metal particles, especially in busy streets, car exhaust emissions of lead will be absorbed by the beard.
3,Carcinogens from smoke exhaled by smokers can also settle in your beard.
4,The skin with long beard secretes more oil, which is often difficult to wash away when washing with water, and the oil has the characteristics of sticky dust.

Proper shaving steps
Before shaving, it is advisable to wash the face and apply a hot towel to swell and soften pores and whiskers for easy shaving. Or apply 2-3 pumps of Beard Wash into hands and rub together into a rich lather. Rub lather deep into your wet beard and rinse out, wait a moment later, can make beard softer.
Next, applying shave gel to the shaving area, then according to the texture of your beard, use a razor, shave along the texture, which can shave off 80% beard, and then shave in the opposite direction, some people would find shaving particularly painful. In fact, to understand the texture of the beard when shaving, according to the different direction of facial beard growth, along from left to right, from top to bottom, first along the pores, and then against the pores of the shaving order, so that the shaving cream has more time to soften the hardest part of the short beard. Finally, check the areas that can’t be shaved, such as the palate and adam’s apple.

Skin care after shaving
After shaving, you should pay attention to skin maintenance, because there is a certain irritation to the skin when shaving, it will be easy to make sebum film damage, in order to protect the skin until the new sebum membrane can regenerate, applying a hot towel on your face for a few minutes would be better.
Using aftershave, rinse with warm water and gently pat the area dry without rubbing, apply proper amount of aftershave lotion to your hands and pat the shaving area lightly, it helps calm skin, relieve discomfort.
Then using after shaving cream, apply appropriate amount of cream to your hands and pat the shaving area lightly. It helps protect skin from shaving irritations, improves dryness, roughness and rough pores, nourish skin deeply, and leave skin feeling of moisturized and healthy-looking all day. When finish below steps, you can start the basic skin care routine.
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The differences between aftershave and toner.
First, aftershave lotion is used after shaving. The main area of skin care is around the beard. The alcohol in aftershave can also help dissolve and remove sebum and dirt in the depth of pores, soften the cuticle of male skin, let nutrients penetrate into the skin better, and make the skin more refresh and moist.
And toner is used after cleansing, which is aimed at the whole face after cleaning care. Although the toner contains alcohol, its main purpose is to shrink pores and dissolve fat solid particles, but it doesn’t have the effect of sterilization and inflammation, and repair skin trauma.
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