3 Skin care tips in Autumn

Autumn’s coming, it means the summer heat is over, followed by the cool and dry weather in fall, skin caused many problems by the change of season are also gradually emerging. In summer, there’s plenty of light, so ultraviolet is strong, the skin is prone to bulky pores, serious facial oil and sunburn problem. But in autumn, the weather is cool and dry, the skin is prone to dry and irritable skin dehydration, skin itching, fine lines become significant and skin flushing problems. It’s time to say goodbye to your oil control and deep cleansing cosmetic, and change your skin care products to moisturizing, soothing and softening skin care products in autumn. Autumn is also a time to repair damaged skin in summer and prepare it for winter.
Below are some skin care tips in autumn:
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Skin trouble from autumn
Firstly, dry skin is the most common occurrence. Summer facial oil is related to temperature, temperature on the evaporation of human water and stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, resulting in the summer of many partners out of oil, it looks wet on the surface, but in fact, the skin inside is empty and short of water.
Secondly is skin sensibility, it seems to be a seasonal skin problem, because with the change of season, the temperature and humidity in the air will also change, the skin barrier function will be weakened, there will be skin peeling, red and silk aggravation etc.
After the change of season, the climate is always unstable, sometimes dry, sometimes wet, the skin has to adapt to the climate, so there will be dark complexion, then rough and dry skin is the third problem. So don’t look down upon the change of season, autumn is very good, just because our skin capacity is getting weaker and weaker, protect your skin when the change of season, winter can better resist wind and cold.
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Daily tips to protect your skin in autumn
First of all, cleansing your skin is the most important step in skin care. Remove makeup cleanly, then choose the right cleanser and clean your face scientifically, at least twice in the morning and at night, make sure your skin is well hydrated.
Secondly, drinking enough water is a big deal, let your skin inside, keep your skin hydrated from the inside and don’t drink only when you feel thirsty, because water can promote the excretion of metabolites, regulate the skin.
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Thirdly, sun protection is required. A lot of people think it is not important in autumn, but this step still indispensability, although there’s no strong sunshine, skin also can virtually get the harm of ultraviolet ray, before going out should daub sunscreen or take other sunscreen methods. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF between 15 to 25. You don’t need to choose too SPF, because ultraviolet rays in the fall are milder than in summer, and one that’s too high can actually put a burden on your skin.
Finally, balance your skin with oil and water. Autumn weather is dry, if you use summer skin care products may obviously feel still very dry, therefore, we need to buy skin care products suitable for autumn and winter.
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How to choose skin care products
The first step in choosing a skincare product is to know your skin type. Human skin can be divided into oily skin, dry skin and neutral skin. For example, if you have oily skin, you can choose more skin care products that can promote oil and water balance and control oil secretion, such as cleanser with strong cleaning power, toner with oil control and refreshing lotion.
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Dry skin should pay more attention to the moisturizing and water locking ability of the skin. When choosing skin care products, you can choose mild facial cleanser, moisturizing and nourishing toner, moisturizing and shrinking facial cream. Face mask series you can choose moisturizing or collagen series.
Using method: After cleansing the face, tear off the package, take out the mask and unfold it, stick it on the face and gently press the mask with your fingers to make it fit on the face completely, relax and enjoy 15-20 minutes, let the skin fully absorb the essence of the mask, and use water wash off the remaining essence.

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