What is a Hair Mask and How to use Hair Mask Correctly

What is a Hair Mask
The hair mask is a kind of “baking ointment” that moisturizes the hair. It is like a night cream for women. It is a process of deep care. The hair mask contains nutrients and moisture, which will enter the hair through the hair scales. In silk, it helps to repair the fibrous tissue and help the hair rejuvenate. Although the effect of the hair mask is relatively slow and needs to be used for a certain period, its effect is more stable and can fundamentally change the hair quality. What we usually call “baked oil” includes two meanings: one is “baked oil” for hair dyeing, and the other is “baked oil” for moisturizing hair. The latter is called a hair mask.
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The principle of hair mask
The hair mask is like a skin care product, which changes the texture of the hair and nourishes the hair from the roots. Just like the skin, the hair and scalp need to be supplemented with nutrition after being cleaned, just like giving the skin sufficient nutrition to give it the foundation for a radiant glow. The role of hair care is to make the hair fully absorb nutrients and at the same time form a protective layer on the outside of the hair to prevent damage, maintain softness, shine, and elasticity.
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Beautiful hair needs nourishment. The hair mask can not only make your hairstyle shinier and smoother but also deeply nourish and change the quality of your hair and moisturize your hair.

How to use hair mask correctly
1.First, we need to clearly distinguish the types of hair masks, have a general understanding of the function, and use symptomatic medicine. The correct choice of hair mask plays a decisive role in the success of the entire hair mask application process. At present, there are a wide variety of hair mask products on the market. Various brands and product information dazzle everyone and greatly increase the difficulty of choosing. In fact, hair mask products are not made from thin air for people to choose from many types. The first step to use hair masks correctly is to analyze the condition of your hair and your expectations for the effect of using the hair mask. If your hair has obvious split ends, severe nutrient loss, hair breakage, and slow growth, what you need at this time should be a hair mask that deeply supplements nutrients. If your hair is dry and dull, then what you need is a hair mask for moisture replenishment. If you have healthy and beautiful short hair, then, in fact, your need for a hair mask is not that strong. And if you have beautiful long hair, even if it looks beautiful and healthy, but considering that the nutrition of the hair is difficult to directly convey to the place more than 10cm away from the root of the hair, a hair mask with mild nutrition supplement is still necessary for your choice.
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2.Washing the head
After choosing the right hair mask, the next step is to use it correctly and standardly to play the role of the starting mask. The first part of using a hair mask is to thoroughly wash your head with shampoo to keep your hair fresh and clean. After washing your hair, do not use a conditioner or blow-dry your hair. Instead, use a towel to gently absorb moisture from your hair to keep your hair moist.

3. Appling hair mask
When the hair is kept in a semi-moist state, you can apply a hair mask on the hair. In order to make the hair mask evenly cover the hair, you can use the division method when applying, and divide the hair into four areas: left front, left-back, right front, and right back. Users with more hair volume can increase the division appropriately. After using a small hair clip to add the approximate divisions, apply the hair mask from the tips of the hair to the roots. After ensuring that the mask is evenly spread in one area, you can roll up the hair from the tips of the hair, and then roll it to the roots of the hair. The curls are fixed with small clips. After finishing the application of the hair mask in the four areas and the making of the hair curls, you can put plastic wrap on the hair. One is to prevent the loss of moisture in the hair and the hair mask becomes dry. The second is to prevent the hair from being directly heated and steamed during the subsequent healing process so that the hair is even drier.

4. Clean the hair mask and apply conditioner
After washing the hair mask, if you want to achieve a long-term and stable protection effect, the use of a hair conditioner is also indispensable. Considering that the use of a hair mask is mainly aimed at delivering nutrients to the depths of the hair, and the use of conditioner is mainly used to close the hair’s scales so that the hair is smooth and shiny. Applying conditioner after using the hair mask can effectively lock the nutrients delivered by the hair mask into the hair, making the use of the hair mask more scientific and successful.
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