Why do you need eye serum?

What is eye serum?
Eye serum, which is a gelatinous essence (similar to an eye cream) and easy to absorb. Eye serum can be used as a supplement to tighten the skin around the eyes, it has relatively high concentrations of essence ingredients that takes good effect for skin problem around eyes, for better target the fine lines, dark circles, or sagging and puffiness that already appeared around eyes skin, eye serum gives skin complement moisture, alleviate eyes fatigue, increase skin elasticity, prevent the formation of dark cycle and pouch of eyes.
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Why does eye skin need serum?
When it comes eye serum? The first thing comes to our mind is for anti-wrinkles. Eye wrinkles, which is to point to our eye skin is affected by outside environment, form free radical, free radical destroys the collagen protein inside normal cell membrane organization, active material, oxidize cell and the small fine line, wrinkles. Because the eye skin is thinner than other rest of skin on our face, the thinner the skin, the more prone to wrinkles.  Accordingly, as only 1/3 to 1/5 thickness of facial skin, our eye skin lacks of effective support from fat, elastic fibers and collagen. There are more possibilities to produce fine line.  In addition to eye movement, expression, external dryness and sun exposure, collagen synthesis rate decreases, elastic cell activity becomes weak or lost, elastic fiber becomes fine or even broken, resulting in reduced skin elasticity, aging of dermis, wrinkles are appeared under the eyes and eye tail.

How to use eye serum?
Using time:
The best time to use eye serum is at night, because it can be more easily absorbed by the skin and the permeability is stronger than in the daytime, the effect of eye care is better, especially the removal of wrinkles in the corner of the more effective.

Using stops:
1, Clean the face and eye skin with facial cleanser and toner.
2, Use your ring fingers of each hand to take out a grain of rice size eye serum.、
3, Evenly rub the serum into each other, gently press on the eye skin, from the eye tail, lower eyelid, inner corner of the eye, upper eyelid, and finally back to the eye tail.
4, According to the sequence around the eye skin circle five to six times, so that the nutrition is fully absorbed.

Incorrect usage:
1, Apply with fingers other than your ring finger.
The skin around our eyes is particularly delicate and needs to be touched very gently, while the ring finger is the lightest of all fingers.  Some people are used to besmear eye serum with index finger or middle finger, their strength for eye skin is still overweight, easy to make eye circumference long wrinkles.

2, There is no “dividing line” between when using face creams.
A lot of people ignore it when they apply face cream, they put it on top of their eyes that’s why fat particles appeared around our eyes.  The correct way is, regard orbital bone as “eye ministry” and whole “facial ministry” dividing line, eye serum is used in “eye ministry”, face cream is used in whole “facial ministry” face cream, both cannot be overlapped.

3, Overuse.
Eye ministry skin is extremely thin, If apply with too much, not only cannot absorb, but also will cause burden, accelerate aging.  If there is no specific requirement in the product manual, take out a grain of rice size is generally enough.
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Tips for using skincare products:
Before using a new skincare product, you are suggested to try on skin behind ear first. If you feel uncomfortable or allergy effect, you are suggested to stop using and consult doctor.

Eye serum vs Eye cream
Eye cream is mainly for the eye skin to do the basic care of hydration and moisturizing, if you do not have eye lines, then the use of eye cream can play a preventive role, if you have long eye lines, the effect of eye cream is very weak.  The essence of eye is fine and can repair the skin around the eye. The nutrition is higher than that of eye cream.

Serum has small molecules and strong permeability, which has a more obvious effect and a more solid and long-term effect on anti-aging and firmness.  But eye cream molecules are larger, can stay in the epidermis layer, hold water.  Both are necessary for perfect eye skin.  Eye serums have a cleaner texture without emulsifiers.
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