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Guangzhou Xujohn Bio-Technique Co., Ltd is a Skin Care Manufacturer for over 13 years in China.

Xujohn has a 22,000 square meter factory, 30 production lines. It can promise you a 1,000,000pcs facial mask per day. And we will expand it to 70,000 before 2025. It will exceed 3,000,000pcs per day.

Xujohn currently employs 500 people. Our professional team will provide you with one-stop service from R&D, production, quality control, regulations to packaging design and packaging procurement.
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13 Years Manufacturing Experience to Boost Your Business

Xujohn has a strong R&D team: 10 laboratories + 20 engineers over 20 years experience. We can complete the research and development of various cosmetics and acquisition of various experimental data.

As an experienced skin care manufacturer, Xujohn has manufactured more than 1000 products with mature formulations, covering the vast majority of fields in skin care products, including facial masks, hand and foot masks, skin care set, serum, amp skincare products, act.

All our formulas and materials comply with EU and FDA standards.

21 Patents Enhance Your Competitiveness

Xujohn has obtained the certificate of high-tech enterprise, 2 invention patent certificates, and 19 utility model patent certificates.

We can independently develop spray emulsion compositions and sunscreen compositions and controlled the preparation methods.

We have reached a leading level in the skin care manufacturer, no matter whether it is the gold content of the certificate or the quantity of the  certificate.

Authoritative Certificates Matching Your Market

Xujohn has a 100000-level GMPC production workshop and had passed ISO9001, ISO22716, ISO45001, ISO14001, BSCI, SEDEX , and FDA certification.

With these certificates and certifications, our products can be exported to most countries.

Strict Quality Control to Delight Your Customer

Strict Quality Control to Delight Customer

For excellent quality, we have a strict quality control system in the production of skin care products. Our quality system complies with international standards, even higher, to ensure it works for your local market. Certificated by:

6 Steps to Control Skin Care Product Quality

Step #1: Get order and confirm order

Since the order is received, the quality control process has already begun. First, we will reconfirm the order with the customer. After confirming the order, the order information will be sent to the purchasing department.

Step #2: Raw Material Selection

The purchasing department will purchase raw materials based on the order information. Our raw material suppliers have been cooperating for many years and have qualifications. Their products also have relevant certifications.

Step #3: Matching & Creaming Products

Engineers will match the raw materials according to different orders. The configured raw materials will be sent to the emulsifying workshop for emulsification.

Step #4: Semi-finished Product QC Inspection

After a series of processing, a semi-finished product is obtained. QC staff will check the semi-finished products.

Step #5: Finished Product QC Inspection

Canning will be arranged after passing the test. This process will also have dedicated staff to carry out spot checks. The first canned product is qualified, it will be packed and arranged for the following production.

Step #6: QC Inspection Before Shipment

Before shipment, we will check the quantity and completeness of the package. QC staff will randomly select parts to disassemble for a check. After the above inspection is no problem, the final packaging will be carried out.
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Experienced Product Line to Promise You Quick Lead Time & Excellent Quality

Leading scale of skin care manufacturing industry, we have six workshops, a total of 30 automatic production lines and more than 500 employees. More than 1 million facial masks are produced every day.

We have introduced international high-tech production lines to provide customers with stable products and professional service based on a complete quality management system. Most of the equipment comes from the United States, Germany and Japan.

6 Workshops

500+ Employees

30 Automatic Production Lines

1,000,000 Facial Masks Per Day


Professional R&D Team: Custom Your Formulas

Xujohn has international advanced R&D team and laboratory, using the world's advanced biological technology resources and imported raw materials, professional technical engineers to implement strict control of process parameters and process technology, developed thousands of mature skin care Formula.

Xujohn can produce products according to mature formulas, and we can also customize new formulas according to customer requirements.

Each type of product is matched with different formulas to make different skin feels and effects according to your requirements. For example, it has moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and other effects.

6 Workshops: Safer & Higher Quality

All formulas will carry out comprehensive tests such as physical and chemical tests, use effect tests, cold and heat resistance, light stability test, skin feel test, and anti-corrosion test, to ensure the safety and stability of the products meet the international standards.

Emulsification Workshop

Production of emulsified production room introduces the most advanced equipment in the industry, from 50 to 2000 kg reactor, and 100 to 2000 kg of emulsification unit, with various types of cream, lotion, toner and other cosmetics production conditions and capabilities, production equipment strict implementation of GMP standards. The contact material is made of 316L stainless steel material, ensuring acid and alkali resistance, no rust and corrosion, thus ensuring the quality of the product.

Mask Automatic Filling Workshop

We have a large-scale fully enclosed clean mask production workshop and introduce a fully automatic closed filling line imported from Germany, which can realize automatic bagging, bag opening, metering filling and sealing operations. High-precision electronic balance, aseptic production line and other advanced equipment, equipped with skilled technical operators and equipment inspection and maintenance personnel with rich work experience, as well as fully automatic control disinfection procedures and microbiological detection control, the whole process is in accordance with ISO22716 good manufacturing practices. It ensures the safety, accuracy and hygiene of the product during the filling process.

Hand and Foot Film New Workshop

The introduction of Germany's fully automated hand-foot film manufacturing equipment, the use of automatic tension control system, stable and durable hot plate welding, the panel is hardened, PLC micro-computer control, photoelectric detection, from raw materials to finished products, the production capacity is up to 200,000 pairs / day. The automatic membrane leak detection function can check each film cloth in the air pressure compensation mode, and quickly calibrate to ensure that each opponent's foot film is properly sealed; independent pressure increasing and controlling treatment ensures that the film cloth has no back pressure during transmission. Always provide higher precision.

Packaging Workshop

We have many Japanese high-definition inkjet printers, automatic three-dimensional cigarette-packing machine and heat-shrinkable film machine to ensure clear product code and beautiful film, which not only promotes the modernization of finished packaging, but also has strong influence on the overall hygiene and aesthetics of the products.

Quality Center Laboratory

With autoclave equipment, ultra-clean workbench, biochemical incubator, constant temperature incubator, analytical balance, high-speed centrifuge, conductivity meter, laboratory PH meter, digital rotary viscometer, vacuum incubator, microscope, Abbe refraction Instrumentation, standard light source and color light box and other testing equipment, to meet the testing needs of various raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products for cosmetics such as washing, skin care and beauty modification, laboratory researchers carefully implement strict inspection of each batch of finished products. Analysis and testing to ensure that products are delivered to customers.

Logistics Department

We have thousands of square meters of packaging materials warehouse and finished product warehouse. While ensuring high quality products, it pays attention to high-efficiency delivery time. The company promises that "time is efficiency, customer's interests are above everything else". The customer's "3 to 5 days" delivery deadline is strictly enforced.
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Except for online information, you also can meet Xujohn in the exhibition or visiting our factory. Xujohn has participated many exhibitions. It included China, America, Europe, Middle East, etc.

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