New Innovations: AMP Product

With the development of cosmetics, the packaging of cosmetics will be more and more important in the market. The distinctive feature of packaging will become an effective and direct means to create brand differentiation when cosmetic products are gradually becoming homogenized. The birth of the new packaging technology of Xujohn’s AMP series will undoubtedly be a new and powerful step taken by Guangzhou Xujohn for the new trend of cosmetics.

AMP is taken from the acronym of Automatic Mini Packaging

AMP is taken from the acronym of Automatic Mini Packaging, which is an original new product of Guangzhou Xujohn Bio-technique Co., Ltd. AMP adopts the advanced aseptic packaging technology and meets the requirements of GMP of various countries. There is no doubt that it will be a development trend in the skincare industry. The packaging shape is similar to the glass ampoules, which are portable and convenient to use. The material is quite soft that can be squeezed out easily to use the inside products. The biggest advantage of AMP products is to reduce external pollution such as man-made pollution, environmental pollution, and material pollution, which can ensure the products’ effectiveness.

With the development of the industry and consumption upgrades, the demands of consumers are becoming more and more personalized and rational. Portable, healthy, and environmentally friendly packaging have gradually become the future product packaging trend. The birth of AMP products is the embodiment of the mainstream development trend.

Xujohn has been making continuous progress in the fields of production, scientific research, marketing, and operations for more than 10 years. We have always adhered to “market-oriented and customer-centric”. We keep innovating and striving to increase the added value of customers to achieve a win-win situation with customers.

With the development of the industry and consumption upgrades

Advantages of AMP


Normal printing processes on the packages such as hot stamping, offset printing, screen printing, will cause great pollution to the environment, so these AMP series use such as injection molding during the printing process, to a certain extent, it can reduce the environmental pollution of the second printing process.


The package is very small and light, very convenient to bring. Finished products have both single and set packages. The set is matched with daily dosage, let you feel freer on skincare.


Imported the advanced integrating technology of “molding-filling-sealing” from abroad, to produce integrated packaging products in the 100,000-level GMPC workshop, with automatic aseptic production and avoids pollution during the production process.


The package uses environmental and recyclable PVC material, can apply to the skin very soon when opening it. It avoids the disadvantages of the traditional ampoule, improving hidden dangers, not fragile, won’t scratching hands, leaves no residue, costs less. Molding and sealing in the germ-free workshop in one step, that is good to keep the activity of the essence and creams.

AMP Equipment:

AMP (Automatic Mini Packaging) equipment is specially designed for one-time used cosmetic products, which package liquid and semi-viscous products with measurement. The packaging material such as PVC and EVOH are compressed into the shaping mold to be the container. The inside products are automatically filled and sealed simultaneously. The whole production in one machine can keep the activity of products and avoid any pollution during the production. Two or more materials can be filled at the same time to meet the requirements of a variety of products.  The AMP equipment can finish independent package mold filling as well as multiple package mold filling. It is suitable for a wide range of bottle sizes, including 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, etc. which can meet the needs of different product types, including mini clay mask, egg facial mask, gel mask, eye serum, face serum, lotion, etc. AMP equipment adopts modular design, with reasonable structure and reliable quality, stable operation, and other advantages. The daily production capacity can reach 100,000 PCS.

AMP Product

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Eye Serum

Face Serum

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