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Face Spray & Mist

Facial mist is a convenient and practical skin care product, which is usually applied on the facial skin in the form of spray. Its main role is to provide moisture and nourishment to the skin, reducing the feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin. Facial mist can also calm, reduce inflammation and soothe the skin, and is suitable for use in daily skin care steps such as cleaning, hydrating, moisturizing and soothing. The ingredients of facial mist usually contain moisturizers, soothing agents, antioxidants, etc. For example, most facial mist will add some natural moisturizing ingredients, such as honey, aloe vera, rose, etc., and some contain vitamin C, E, black tea extract and other ingredients that help improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin elasticity. When using the facial mist, the user only needs to point the spray bottle at a distance of 15-20 cm from the face, gently press the spray button, and spray the mist on the face. It can be used anytime, anywhere to replenish water and moisturize. It is very convenient to use.

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