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Lavender Repair Highlighter Spray

Product Name: Lavender Repair Highlighter Spray
Product Specification: 180ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

It contains lavender essence, smells fragrant and comfortable, can soothe and nourish skin, relieve dryness, improve ductility. With mica added and soft touch, gentle luster, good affinity, strong adhesion, delicate golden glitter, it’s low-key and unassuming, can light up your highlight moments in daily use.


Rapid film formation
Spray to fix makeup, bid farewell to tediousness

Oil control for long lasting makeup
Keep refreshing all day, say goodbye to the embarrassment of taking off makeup

Oil control and brightening
Lavender Essence + Mica, refreshing, oil control and brightening

micron mist
Light mist, no water droplets and no removing makeup

sparkle effect
Shake before use to present quicksand texture and pearly shine

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