The Origin of MÔND’SUB®

Margarine Mondsub, the founder of MÔND’SUB, is a French biochemist who has devoted her life to the research of natural therapy for perfect skin. After the Second World War, aromatherapy was introduced into health, beauty, and other fields on a large scale. In the meanwhile, aromatherapy established an authoritative position in France. She had traveled all over Europe, North, and South America, and had set up aromatherapy clinics in Paris, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. She was energetic, full of enthusiasm, and constantly had amazing discoveries and results, and had made a significant contribution in the field of natural therapy!

The Origin of MONDSUB

Brand Concept Originated

A group in the process of deep research into the Sahara desert, found that those who live in an arid desert region in the nomadic living “bedouins”, are used to a plant called green gooseberry dolly, take its juice on the face and body, in order to prevent the strong sun and sand, although the local climate conditions are very bad, high temperature, large temperature difference, low cloud cover and strong sunshine, But their skin is still shiny and clean, free of sunburn, cracking or peeling.

Brand Concept Originated 1
Brand Concept Originated 2

Inspired by this, MÔND’SUB returned to the lab and began to focus on the prickly fruit plant day and night, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the plant has anti-radiation, anti-pollution effects, can protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, computer, television, and other electromagnetic radiation damage. After numerous repeated experiments, MÔND’SUB adopts international advanced “microcrystalline nanometer extraction technology” to high-end extracts of natural green gooseberry, preserve the functional components of high nutrition, high purity, and high activity, everything comes to him who waits, finally, developed across time, radiation protection, pollution – the ultimate level of product MÔND’SUB facial mask.

Arises at the historic moment “MÔND’SUB mask” to prevent radiation, pollution resistance, as the research concept, selection of Mexico several natural green gooseberry plants (cactus, golden ball, crab legs, direction, lotus, naked calyx ball) as the main raw material, have 8 times effect higher than that of normal skin at the same time, environmental protection, healthy, natural “MÔND’SUB mask” to keep pace with The Times, from the first generation of non-woven face mask, to the second generation of crystal face mask, and the third generation of silk face mask. For now, the environmentally famous “biodegradable vegetarian face mask”, MÔND’SUB is creating a beauty legend for women all over the world with its environmental protection, technology, and natural skin care concept.

The Origin of MÔND’SUB®

MÔND’SUB® is currently registered in 55 countries around the world including Asia, Europe, America and South America. As long as you want you can find MÔND’SUB all over the world and we can provide all services about skin care manufacturer to you. As of 2021, our products are sold in 76 countries and regions. MÔND’SUB has its own agents and specialty stores in many overseas countries such as HONGKONG, America, Iran, Costa Rica, the Maldives and Russia. The MÔND’SUB’s brand culture and product details can be obtained locally. In addition, MÔND’SUB has its own production base. We invite you to visits our factory so that our you can learn more about MÔND’SUB in all aspects. MÔND’SUB is open to all collaborators and welcomes everyone to be a partner. We are happy to use our skin care manufacture to solve your all difficulties with skin care products.


Brand Certification
This is the highest level of brand certification in China and it also symbolizes the brand strength of our company. Our brand has a certified brand manager.

About Xujohn

Xujohn was established in 2006. After more than ten years of steady management and efficient development, Xujohn has gradually grown into a modern high-tech enterprise group with OEM, ODM, and OBM as the main business, and integrating cosmetic research and development, design, production, sales, and service as a whole. Over the years, under the guidance of the development strategy of “industrial diversification, product differentiation, layout globalization”, the company has been innovating science and technology to create greater social value.


Xujohn group to a prospective international vision, global core strategy map layout, the advantages of resources, fully integrated group design in a full range of skincare mask products, research and development, production, sales for the customer, the skincare mask as an industry leader in the market has a large market share both at home and abroad, has a stable film class sale of big clients and orders. With first-class quality, first-class service, first-class team, and first-class publicity, MONDSUB has created several series of excellent brands with MONDSUB as the core. At present, the MÔND'SUB brand is selling well in more than 60 countries and regions around the world and has completed overseas trademark registration in more than 40 countries and regions.


Xujohn Group has a garden factory area of 20,000 square meters. The production workshop is built in strict accordance with the GMPC standard. It has passed the ISO22716 quality system certification and established a standardized 10,000-level biological testing center. The company has a total of 6 workshops, a total of 30 production lines, in the cosmetics industry has a strong influence. Asahi Cosmetics Group introduces the most advanced international high-tech production technology, equipment, and formula, to improve the quality management system, continue to provide customers with stable quality products and professional and comprehensive services.


1.Targeted Recombination Technology
Focusing on direct delivery of the effective ingredients to the specific location of the skin in need of repair and improvement, the effect of improvement and repair can be realized safely and quickly. After targeted delivery of nutrients, targeted treatment can be carried out on the problem skin, so as to promote skin renewal, make skin full of vitality, and restore health.

2. Power parcel transport technique
Keep the original power to extract nutrients from plants and animals, and help plant ingredients to rebuild the healthy structure, open the skin nutrition transport channel, package nutrients and transport to specific deep skin, gradually release, solve the skin needed nutrients, and long-term maintenance of nutrition supply, radiant energy renewal.


Sunscreen Composition 1
Sunscreen composition
Spray Emulsion Composition 1
Spray emulsion composition
A Multifunctional Combined Facial Mask 1
A multifunctional combined facial mask
A Stereo Ear Mask 1
A stereo ear mask