Quality Management

Quality is the basis for customers to choose us. Quality management of Xujohn strictly follows all operating guidelines, especially ethical. Xujohn has a complete set of quality management system; all products have passed strict quality inspection.


Xujohn has obtained many certificates related to quality control such as:

  • ISO9001
  • GMPC
  • ISO22716
  • BSCI
  • FDA

These certificates are a recognition of the quality of our products, but also a guarantee for customers. Xujohn has rich experience and sufficient ability in the skin care manufacturing industry, which ensure our product quality.

Aseptic dust free production workshop

Aseptic dust-free production workshop

 Workshops in Xujohn are dust-free and sterile to ensure a clean production environment. Every day before and the end of the work, our cleaner will conduct a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of the production line. The equipment will also be cleaned by a special person after work is completed to ensure that the product is clean and tidy.

Optimum production environment

The best production environment to complete the production, get the best quality products. Production of Xujohn is carried out in the best environment. Xujohn will adjust the temperature and humidity during the production process at any time to achieve the optimal production environment for each product. Control the environment of the skin care manufacturing and get the high-quality product.

optimum production enviroment
Strict personal hygiene

Strict personal hygiene

Everyone who enters the workshop must undergo strict personal hygiene. The exposed area needs to be disinfected. And then people entering need to wear dust-free clothing. Before the last entry, they will perform a whole body disinfection. Strict personal disinfection protects our products form contamination during the manufacturing and ensure the quality of products.

Packaging materials disinfection

When suppliers process packaging materials, Xujohn will ask them to sterilize the finished products. Packaging materials are put into the warehouse, there will be a special warehouse keeper to inspect. And Xujohn will store these packaging materials in a special place and perform secondary disinfection. This way, Xujohn prevent contamination on all our products when we finish making them.

Packaging materials disinfection
Materials Testing

Materials testing

In addition to require raw materials suppliers to provide necessary certificates, we will also have special quality inspection department to conduct random inspections on raw materials. Xujohn require raw material suppliers to provide COA reports. Xujohn have a specific area to store these raw materials to ensure that these raw materials will not be contaminated. Xujohn comply with scientific extraction proportions and testing methods to ensure the reliability of raw materials.

Semi-finished product testing

When the raw materials undergo a series of manufacturer processing such as proportioning emulsification, semi-finished products will be obtained, and QC staff of Xujohn will conduct random inspections on these semi-finished products. QC staff will inspect the ingredients of the products sampled to ensure that the ratio is accurate. Strictly implement inspection standards ensuring your end users’ safety and that our skincare products comply with quality standards.

Semi Finished Product Testing
Finished Product Quality Check

Finished-Product quality check

Comprehensive inspection of finished products from net to packaging. Make sure that the product that the customer gets without any problem. This part of the test is done by a special department. Every product will be checked for microbial and chemical tests to ensure the product quality for each one.


Equipment inspection

Emulsifying Machines

Emulsifying machines

In addition to cleaning the emulsification equipment after each production, the workers also regularly clean up the emulsification equipment. Ensure that the products obtained are clean and safe.

Sealing Machines

Sealing machines

After running for a long time, we will clean the equipment with special materials. Ensure normal use next time.

Filling Machines

Filling machines

Automatic filling technology is used to fill the liquid into the container. This avoids the direct contact of the staff and greatly improves the production accuracy and quality. the product greatly reduces the skin of other pollution.

Product traceability system

A complete product traceability system can help Xujohn has better quality management. The traceability system allows Xujohn to located and deal with our bad products in a timely manner, and improve our after-sales and improvement capabilities. All products from Xujohn have their own codes, which will run through their entire production cycle. Cooperating with Xujohn can ensure that you get safe and qualified products and improve your competitiveness.