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Cleansers are an essential part of your skincare routine and include both face wash and make-up removers. Face wash effectively remove excess oil and dirt from the face, while make-up remover quickly removes make-up residue from the face to ensure clean skin.
It is important to choose a cleanser that suits your skin type, such as an oil-controlling cleansing for oily skin, and a mild cleansing for sensitive skin to avoid unnecessary over-drying or irritation. There are also a variety of make-up removers, such as make-up remover oils. You need to choose one that combines your own habits of use and skin type, and use it every morning and evening to keep your skin clean, healthy, moisturised and smooth.

Face Wash

Face Wash

A face wash that removes oil and dirt from the face.
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Cleansing Water

Cleansing Water

The makeup remover can clean the makeup and dirt of the skin, reduce the stress of the skin. We provide various formulas suitable for different skin types.
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What Makes Xujohn Your Reliable Cleanser Manufacturer?

Solutions for face wash and makeup remover

Make-up has become a daily necessity for modern humans, but the daily process of applying make-up has many negative effects on the skin. Therefore, in order to thoroughly cleanse and care for the skin, we recommend a range of high quality cleansers and make-up removers. Our cleansers are designed to cleanse the face and remove dirt and make-up without irritating the skin. They are formulated gently to absorb nutrients and moisture into the skin, thus keeping it moisturised and radiant for a long time. Our make-up remover easily removes make-up from the eyes and lips, while being gentle and protecting the skin.

Effective Formulas

We can provide different formulas for different skin types, like oil or water-oil balanced, PH balanced, or sensitive skin. We can provide a very favorable price for the formulas but with good effect.

Strict quality system

All our production staff and QC attend the training weekly and have the exam. Through this way, our staff has a very strict sense of quality control. We have raw material QC, package QC, finished product QC, and the patrol inspection QC, they work together to make sure each part. All of our product is strictly for meeting the European market.

Approving service

Win-win is the important factor of long and good cooperation. Pleasant and effective communication can enlarge our business and we are more like friends, not just business partners. With more than 13 years of experience in the skincare industry, we have rich experience in formulas, production, design, and marketing.
With imported equipment for production, we can control the delivery time and quality more precisely.

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We can provide free samples, and we hope that the minimum quantity can be greater than 1,000, so that we can achieve better cooperation.

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