Hair care

Hair care is an overall term for the care to the hair, the hair mask plays an important role in the hair care routine, Repairing and nourishing the dry and lifeless hair we have, nowadays, more and more people to have a stylish hair as colored, curled, straight or waved hair which definitely damages the hair quality so we need a hair mask to repair all the damages the hair suffered and then nourish our hair to back our silky and shining hair.

Hair Mask

Hair Mask

Different from traditional hair conditioners, our hair mask not only makes your hair smooth and shiny but also can save you time. New hair care product to bring a new business for you.
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Hair tail mask

Hair tail mask

Special care for the ponytail mask, cute and funny rabbit pouch design. You can add the printing on the mask-like your brand to make it unique and colorful.
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What Makes Xujohn Your Reliable Hair Care Manufacturer?

New solutions for the hair care product

We usually do the hairstyle like hair dye, perm and etc to improve our image. But this will damage our hair quality, the hair will become frizzy, dry, dull. Different from traditional hair conditioners, Xujohn hair care products provide more convenient and effective solutions for the hair and specialized care for the ponytail. We can provide different funny printing masks for the hair, you can enjoy the hair Salon at any time and any place.

Trusted formulas to select

For different hair quality, different efficacy, we have different mature formulas which can solve the hair problem effectively and make your hair smooth, shining, elastic. With more than 13 years of experience in the European skin care market, our formula has been many testing, like Microbiological Challenge Testing, Challenge test, Heavy metal testing and etc.

Reassuring quality

With the strict quality management system from the raw material to finished product, we can guarantee the quality confidently to our customers.

We are also strictly in accordance with the ISO22716 and ISO9001 quality systems we got from 2015.

Reliable Service

With the theory of “Self-confidence, Gratitude and Pioneer” of the Xujohn Family, all of our team members will together provide good solutions for the customers like formula, design, market analysis, fast delivery and etc. quickly and patiently. Besides excellent “software”, like our good service, team member’s character, our factory also has many excellent “hardware”, like kinds of certification: GMP, ISO22716, ISO9001, ISO14001, SEDEX, BSCI and etc.

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