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Foot Mask

Our foot mask can be divided into exfoliating foot mask and nourishing foot mask. We choose soft non-woven material waterproof material to make the foot mask comfortable and convenient to use. When using, foot membrane with essence and can completely surround foot skin so you can walk around at will, and it does not affect the work.

Nourishing foot mask

A variety of moisturizing ingredients are added into the nourishing foot mask to play a role in nourishing and repairing feet skin. It contains various natural plant extracts and rich active cell molecules to repair damaged skin, promote cells metabolism, and at the same time can deeply moisturize skin, repair damaged tissue, improve skin physiology environment, make the skin cell metabolism to achieve the best balance.

Exfoliating foot mask

The exfoliating foot peeling off mask contains lactic acid, salicylic acid, and mandelic acid, which can quickly penetrate into the stratum corneum to gently make dead skin peel off automatically. After one or two weeks, the rough foot skin will be completely removed then you can have smooth and tender feet like the baby. These products can effectively improve dry and cracked feet, calluses, smelly feet, hardened soles, hard horny and rough cracked skin, and other foot problems.

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