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Body Care

Body care mainly includes exfoliation, moisturizing and nourishing repair. Body care refers to removing the old stratum corneum from the body and revealing the new stratum corneum. At the same time, it prevents clogged pores due to the inability of the stratum corneum to fall off naturally, resulting in a series of skin problems. After the step of exfoliating, it nourishes and hydrates the skin to prevent skin damage due to lack of water. Appling body lotion evenly after bathing, so that the cleansed skin can be hydrated in time.

Body Lotion

Body lotion

Body lotion is mainly is used for skin care after bath to give the skin softness
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Body Scrub

Body scrub

Body scrub is mainly used to remove the deep dirt of the skin. The aging scaly cutting can be peeled off by rubbing on the skin to remove dead skin
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Breast / Belly / Butt / Bikini Sheet Mask

Breast / Belly / Butt / Bikini Sheet Mask

This series of products was created to plumps, tightens and smoothes the skin on all parts of your body.
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Tanning Products

Tanning Products

Safety and convenience are very important for tanning. With our tanning series, you can get easy and natural tanning without sun exposure.
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What Makes Xujohn Your Reliable Body Care Manufacturer?

Professional Body Care Solutions

Personalized body care products are customized so that every part of your body can be cared for by corresponding products. It greatly reduces your choice anxiety, allowing you to easily choose the product that suits you. Body care is mainly the part below the head. Generally, this part of care is easily overlooked, but it is also a very important part of our daily care. Our body care products are mainly developed to solve this problem.

Body Care Packaging

In addition to providing a full range of design and production in terms of products, we also provide appearance design services and packaging materials procurement, truly providing our customers with on-step procurement services, providing convenience to customers, and saving time for customers. Reduce the time cost in this area. We have a professional designer team that can meet most of your packaging requirements, and we have mature suppliers, which can make complex designs easier to implement and get products that match the design plan.

Body Care Market

Xujohn’s body care market is global and Xujohn’s MONDSUB brand has already registered in 56 different countries, and also win a good reputation in these countries. The demands and requirements for the body care products in different countries that Xujohn has rich experience to handle. No matter countries’ market you are doing then we can provide solutions for you.

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