Xujohn providing products in the market for customers to choose, so that you can quickly seize market opportunities. For wholesale products, we provide two solutions for you. You can match the products that are most suitable for you according to your needs.

MÔND’SUB® Product

MÔND’SUB®is our own brand. MÔND’SUB® has been registered in 55 countries/regions around the world and sold to more than 76 countries and regions. The formula of MÔND’SUB products is developed by a team of nearly 20 professional engineers, using the world’s advanced biotechnology resources and imported raw materials. All formulas will be thoroughly tested, and the safety and stability of MÔND’SUB brand products are in line with international standards.

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white label

Xujohn normally keep new blank packaged product in stock that can sell to customer with low quantity and make quick delivery in 2 to 3 days. This allows you to try the product, test your market and see what you and your customers like before investing in large orders.

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Xujohn provides three different solution according to the various order requirements. Different service are provided for customers to selected.
They will always be one that meets your actual needs:



OEM/ODM service is suitable for customers who have registered companies, registered brands, and completed planning and product design. Our professional team will work with you to make the products you want.


Private Label

Private Label service is specially provided for customers with private label needs. Xujohn helps you quickly produce your own brand products in a small quantity so that you can quickly respond to the market’s demand for new product features.