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Animal Mask Gift Box

Product name: Animal Mask Gift Box
Penguin Mask 24ml*1 pieces
Cat Mask 24ml*1 pieces
Tiger Mask 24ml*2 pieces
Panda Mask 24ml*2 pieces
Shelf life: Three years

It contains a variety of plant essences, injects sufficient nutrition, helps to keep the skin shiny, increase the moisture content of the stratum corneum, quickly repair the damaged skin barrier, increase the skin elasticity, and make the skin full of vitality, tender and smooth.

Cute and interesting pattern
Apply a lovely mask to nourish your skin, which can also bring cute and lively mood.

Thin and breathable perfect patch
Lightweight, breathable, suitable for any face, with excellent fit, perfectly fitting every inch of skin contour.

Good permeability, moisturizing and brightening
Skin-friendly feeling, the skin can breathe freely, the essence can be quickly introduced and penetrated into the base, supplying richer nutrition, moisturizing and firming the skin for a long time.
3D cutting three-dimensional moisture storage
Three-layer three-dimensional moisture storage structure can store a large amount of essence, release moisture activity, keep skin always in a lively state, moisten and nourish layers can restore the bright lubrication.

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