Baby Foaming Cleanser

Product Name: Baby Foaming Cleanser
Specification: 100ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

Specially researched for baby skin, with mild formula with amino acid surface active complex, it’s self-foaming, rich in fine and soft foam, moderate in cleansing, easy to rinse, can care for the natural weak acid protective film on the baby’s skin surface while gently cleansing the body. It contains soothing oat kernel extract, which gives baby’s skin plenty of nutrients and a fresh scent, leaving skin feeling soft and clean after use.

Low sensitivity without tears
Soap-free, non-irritating to eyes

Mild Amino Acid Formula
Weak acid foam, suitable for baby’s face and body, no irritation or eye irritation

No stimulating ingredients
Free of preservatives, fluorescent agents

Convenient design of pump head
Press the nozzle, it will produce fine foam, gentler and finer

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