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Black Truffle Luxury Bicolor Eye Mask

Product Name: Black Truffle Luxury Bicolor Eye Mask
Specification: 8g * 6 pairs
Shelf Life: 3 years

It’s skin-friendly, moisturizing and comfortable to use, can relax tired eyes, and let you enjoy the SPA experience, make the essence can be better transferred to the eye skin, help improve and repair potential internal fine lines, tighten the skin surface especially the skin around the eyes, make the eyes feel a wonderful sense of firmness, and lift the golden arc of the eyes.

For loose skin around the eyes, improve fine lines under the eyes, makes the eyes light up

Corrugate carabiner
Long-lasting moisturizing, relieve dry, nourish water embellish

Extract of truffle melanocore
Fade the fine lines around the eyes, improve the elasticity and firmness of the eye muscles, help alleviate the skin around the eyes and release vitality

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