Collagen anti-aging EYE CREAM

This light, non-greasy collagen moisturizer deeply hydrates skin fighting wrinkles and improving elasticity.

Effect: anti-aging, Smoothing, firming, moisturizing, lifting
Skin Type: All skin types
Shelf life:3 years
Net: 20g

Advanced youth-preserving formula soothes and helps to reduce the signs of aging to promote the appearance of youthful, brighter and radiant-looking eyes.

  • HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN:Hydrolyzed Collagen has pure natural moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, ecchymosis, etc. Collagen in skin care products can help the skin lock in water molecules, so it has a very good moisturizing effect.
  • LIMNANTHES ALBA (MEADOWFOAM) SEED OIL: The peeling hormone in limnanthes alba seed oil can prevent water loss and regenerate skin. It changes the keratin tissue, regulates the exudation of water and compounds, re-absorbs water and forms hydrates in the epidermal cells to lock the moisture in the skin epidermis.
  • Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil: It can improve good nourishment and skin feel. It has good antioxidant capacity to the human body, and repairs the skin’s lipid barrier, and has a certain repairing effect on sensitive skin.
  • SODIUM HYALURONATE: Hyaluronic acid would promote skin nutrient absorption and has strong wrinkle-removing function, which can increase skin elasticity and delay skin aging.

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