Cucumber Facial Toner

Product name:Cucumber Hydration and Nourishing Toner
Formulation:EU regulation compliance
Service:OEM/ODM/Low MOQ for Private Label

It is light and easy to absorb, contain cucumber extract essence, can deeply moisten the skin bottom, replenish water, let the skin drink full of water, match with hyaluronic acid, help to improve the skin to dredge pores, replenish water and lubricate, let the skin tender and translucent, with a silky touch.

The cucumber fruit extract, it can increases the moisture content of cuticle, moisturizes dry skin, effectively attenuates fine lines, soothes skin, cleans and protects skin, it can also be used for dark and rough skin caused by the sun.

Natural moisturizing agent, unique combination with the skin, just like the second layer of invisible skin, long-term maintenance of the skin’s water magnetic field, deep regulation of cell water content, the formation of skin water-saturated environment.

can form a layer of water-retaining film on the skin surface, strong water-locking characteristics, can lock tightly 500 times water molecules, add moisturizing factor, make the skin soft, bright and elastic.

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