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Hand Care Gift Set

Product Name: Hand Care Gift Set
Skin Type: All skin types
Shelf life: 3 years
Specification: Hand Cream Mask*2 + Hand Cream*2

Honey and Almond Deep Nourishing Hand Cream Mask
Rich with natural honey and almond essence, provide plenty of moisture and nutrition for hand skin, help to tender and smooth hand skin, make hand skin soft, fine and light, free from dryness, roughness, callus, chap, darkness, pigmentation.

Argan Oil Deep Nourishing Hand Cream Mask
This formula can be fast absorbed by hand skin and gently hydrate and moisturize skin, it can also meliorate your hands skin, make hands skin free from dryness, roughness, callus, chap, darkness, pigmentation and so on, make hand skin tender, smooth and bright.

Argan Oil Nourishing Hand Cream
The argan oil hand cream is deeply moisturizing and not greasy. It can effectively improve dryness, gentle and does not irritate the skin, repair the skin of the hands and also locks water strongly, making the skin of the hands moist and elastic.

Honey & Almond Brightening Hand Cream
It can deeply repair the hand skin, gently moisturize, smooth barbs, moisturize fine lines, maintain long-lasting nourishment, and improve dull and rough hands. It presents a firm, elastic and shiny texture with a delicate fragrance.

Argan Oil, Honey & Almond

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