Tanning Lotion

Product Name: Tanning Lotion
Specification: 100ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

Easy and natural tanning without sun exposure. The active ingredients of natural tanning can target the existing skin tone and perfectly fit the skin, bringing a bright and natural lasting tanning effect; No need to be exposed to the sun, thus avoiding the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin; Adding coconut oil nutrition ingredient, it nourishes and moisturizes skin, making skin tone more even and smooth in the process of skin care; the refreshing lotion texture brings a relaxing and pleasant feeling of use.

Combining with the skin stratum corneum protein, it acts on the skin and the amino acids in the deep layer of the skin, and the chemical reaction that occurs can deepen the skin tone

Used in conjunction with dihydroxyacetone, it darkens skin tone, enhances tyrosinase activity, stimulates and increases melanin formation.

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