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Baby Moisturizing Mask

Product Name: Baby Moisturizing Mask


Specification: 25g

Shelf Life: 3 years

The mask cloth is soft, comfortable and breathable, specially tailored for children’s face shapes in order to perfectly fit the baby’s face. Extract aloe vera to help open the skin’s hydration channel, gently protect the baby’s skin from being damaged by the external environment, maintain the skin’s moisture balance, reduce moisture loss, soothe dry skin, and make the baby’s skin soft and beautiful.

Sodium hyaluronate deeply hydrates to create a good skin base

Unlike adult masks, which have other needs other than hydration, the biggest challenge for children’s skin is lack of water. Baby Moisturizing Mask can cope with problem of skin thirst caused by the external environment.

Aloe vera nourishes delicate skin

Aloe vera is mild and refreshing, it can relieve skin itching especially stimulated by external irritation, and also promote the healing of the skin, make the baby’s skin healthier.

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