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Baby Night Cream

Product Name: Baby Deeply Repairing Night Cream
Specification: 50g/box
Shelf life: 3 years

Designed for baby’s skin with high quality raw materials, it can form a breathable protection film on the surface of the skin, effectively locks in moisture, effectively relieve dry and redness skin, let baby keep away from the trouble of eczema, make baby’s skin more healthy and smooth.


Ceramide is a natural moisturizing factor for the skin. When the skin has moisturizing factors, even if the skin is in a dry natural environment, it can maintain the skin moisture will not be lost, and at the same time, it can repair the skin barrier function, reduce external stimulation, and keep the skin tender and smooth.


PIONIN is a new safe and long-term fungicide, which has antibacterial effect on bacteria and many kinds of fungi at low concentration. Especially to cause acne propionic acid bacillus has a strong antibacterial effect, can better improve acne and multiple acne symptoms.

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