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Comedones Extraction Care Set

Product Name: Comedones Extraction Care Set
Product Specification:
Comedones Extraction Mask 50g
Pore Shrinking Toner 100g
Shelf Life: 3 years

With mild formula, it contains witch Hazel essence, can soften keratin, absorb dirt, comedones, acne and cuticle in the pores, deeply clean and not dry, at the same time it can effectively control and remove excess oil, prevent pores from being larger, make skin clear and smooth.
It contains the essence of tea tree and other natural plants, help to refine pores, enhance the elasticity of pore wall, and prevent skin from becoming rough with aging. Long term use can fundamentally solve the phenomenon of large pores and rough epidermis, and reproduce fine and smooth skin.

North American witch hazel water


MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA flower/leaf/stem extract

Comedone Export Mask Essence quickly penetrates deep into pores, enters follicles, softens horny pores, and unclogs pore channels

Witch hazel extract plays a role in adsorption and gently removes dirt from pores

remove comedones
After witch hazel extract absorbs dirt, pores are unclogged, comedones and acne can be quickly and smoothly pulled out

Pore shrinking water can help shrink and soothe the skin of pores where comedones are separated out.

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